Duesey's Pedigree
CH Poinsetts Scrimshaw
Blue C/W RF AS-17118E30M-PI F=12.44%
E107407 DL81463301
CH Gefions Alexander the Great
Blue C/W RF AS-13379G31M-T F=11.29%
HIII1517 DL66179504
CH Marquis Surenuf For Rockin K
HIII1709 DL56143202
CH Moonlights Jay of Rafter J CD
Rocking Ks Sure Bet of Marquis
CH Gefions Revolution
DL40459303 A103182-99X8
CH Propwash Ebbtide Zinfandel
Gefions End of the Innocence
CH Poinsetts Reminiscing
Red C/W AS-10427G24F-T F=11.49%
E72072 DL56716302
CH Brigadoons California Dude CD STDs
E19007 DL41104601
CH Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude
CH Windswept of Windermere CD
Carolinas Peggy Sue Ooh-Ooh
CH Carolinas I'm Cn Red CD
CH Propwash Marshmallow Pies
CH Coolmoor Hardrock in Ur Dreams CD TD RA JS-N GS-N
Black C/W AS-22749G34F-PI F=19.22%
E136137 DN08430201
OTCH CH Willowbrook Bullet Proof STDs GS-E JV-E-OP RS-E
Black C/W AS-10038E24M F=16.42%
CH Brookridge Syl Ver Bull It CDX
E31799 DL39608801
CH Brookridges Quincys Invasion CD
CH Wyndridge Love Is Blue
CH Brookridge Bayshore Class Act
E52234 DL40109003
CH Bayshores Flapjack
CH Bayshores Insignia
Ch Winter Havens the First Lady RV-N Blue C/W AS-18621E64F-PI F=19.92%
E108127 DL74752601
CH Winterhavens Time Well Spent
E107100 DL68988201
CH Bayshores Flapjack
CH Winterhavens Goodgollymissmolly
CH Winter Havens Maid of Luck
E41907 DL39047605
CH Bayshores Virginia Gentleman
CH Bayshores Kohlrabi

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