Turner's Pedigree
WTCH True Grit Hombre RTDc DNA-VP Black W RF AS-18856G24M-NOPI F=11.81% E120966 DL89362602
WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP Blue W RF AS-7125G24M F=18.70% E53420 DL48489301
WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP E35820 DL57478301 Hangin' Tree Buddy
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
Hangin' Tree Cinnamon Teal STDc OTDds E38813 DL56855501 Hangin Tree Huckleberry
Hangin' Tree Lass RDX
Crown Point True Grit Dixie STDcsd DNA-VP Red C/W AS-15528F24F-PI F=20.91% E101631 DL80409204
WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson DNA-CP E87925 DL80285801 Crown Point Kemo Sabe
Crown Point Kk Khyan
Bar LWs Crown Point Deva DNA-CP E74646 DL57977806 WTCH Crownpoint Inspirator Bar Lw RDX
Bar LW Ty One On
CH Gefions Stop the Presses TD CGC DNA-CP Black F=19.45% DN07247507
CH Gefions Herald PT DNA-CP Blue C/W AS-19246G52M-PI F=15.32% HIII1815 DL82773902
Dk CH Cossack Citation At Gefion DL76705304 DK17526/2001 Gefions Temujin
CH Cossacks Pop the Cork
CH Gefions Ohtobe Oughtobe DL66004101 CH Propwash Manape Ghostrider
Gefions Ohtobe Audacious
Laurics Abby Not Gabby Black C/W AS-19590G27F-NOPI F=15.99% DN05870701 10/31/2001 CH Moonlights Best Bib & tucker DNA-C PE67539 DL52301905 CH Moonlights Hottest Thing Goin
CH Jazz of Bainbridge
Bayshores You Go Girl DL56514304 CH Bayshore Propwash Balderdash DNA-CP
CH Bayshores Whos

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