We take great pride in our puppies and carefully screen all potential future homes. Purchasing an Aussie is usually a 12-15 year commitment.

When placing puppies we determine each individual puppy's placement according to the specific puppy's personality and by the role it will play in its new family. Because, as breeders, we feel it is very important to place each puppy in the right home, we carefully evaluate each puppy's temperament as it is growing to make this determination.

We do not allow buyers to choose which puppy they would like from the litter, because this often results in a poor match between dog and owner. It is our goal for the dog to have a happy, lifetime home with equally happy owners.

While buyers might want to limit the sex and color puppy they would like to have, we do not encourage this. Buyers who do so must be aware that this will limit their chances of getting a puppy from a specific litter, because the puppy of that color and sex in the litter might not be the best match for them or might not even be produced. (FYI... the differences between a male and a female that will be neutered or spayed is minimal. Both make excellent companions.)

Please understand that the careful breeding of puppies on a limited basis is not a made-to-order business in regards to color, sex, temperament, or quality (show or companion).

When matching puppies with owners, we try to be as expedient as possible in the decision making process, but we do not begin making final decisions about which homes individual puppies go to until after 6-8 weeks of age when overall health, temperament, structure, and movement can be clearly evaluated. (Puppies do not leave for their new homes until after 8-10 weeks.) We do ask that each puppy buyer complete a comprehensive wish list that includes the comments from all adult family members; we always enjoy children’s wishes too. We also request at least one in-depth conversation with each adult in the household. We refer to your wish list and our conversations often when selecting the best pup for your home.